Email Campaign Management

Getting the best from your email marketing

The fact that the costs of employing an email marketing company to support your campaigns are so low should not blind you to the advantages that are there if only you will look for them. If you do not then your competitors may well have a distinct advantage.

Rather like a dishwasher, a good email marketing company will take away most of the drudgery of maintaining email lists. You, however, will get much more than clean dishes in return. If you choose your email marketing company with care it will accept data in various forms. You will not have to take time to convert everything to Excel©.

Check through the systems available to you in email list management and do not just pick the first one that presents itself. It is a truism to say that you can't have too much information about your subscribers. That is because it is very true. An email marketing company will provide you with the facilities not only to record the data but, more importantly, use it effectively.

When you started out in email marketing you probably opted for the simplest and most straightforward email design you could find in the selection of wizards. You might well have continued with this easy option if your results remained as good as you expected, or better. But it is essential to keep trying new methods. Go through the designs. You've paid for them. Experimentation costs little.

As your experience in email marketing increases you will realise that a small change can give remarkable results. A slightly different design via a new template can refresh your customers’ opinion of your company.

Some people are confused as to what advantages campaign tracking provides. Vitally, it can tell you what you are doing right and where you need to improve. Even at its most basic level you get information, and that is always good. As time goes on you will be able to use the returns to improve your performance.

Email marketing companies want you to be successful. The better you are the more they can boast, and boast they will. Design, statistics, list management and more: make sure you are using all the facilities.



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