Email Campaign Management

Integration and blogs

An integrated campaign, using multiple media outlets, is a well established, and frequently proven via email marketing software, method of increasing return on investment. The rise in the use, range and number of social networking sites, as well as other internet based outlets, is the classic way of realising the full value of your email marketing lists.

With increasing restriction on what was allowed in email marketing, and an energetic Advertising Standards Authority, claims which, let us say, were not that well supported by scientific research struggled to find an outlet and so turned to the then unregulated social media sites and websites.

With the ASA inheriting responsibility of policing these other on-line marketing methods, without, some suggest, a pro-rata increase in funding, there was the fear that it might revert to its default position as a free-for-all. After all, what punishment could the ASA impose?

If you visit the Advertising Standards Authority website you will see precisely what the ultimate deterrent is. For us, the need is for those on our email marketing lists to be able to find this page, or at the very least comments on it, with ease and reliability.

Initially there were problems. The use of the ‘well-known search engine’ provided no trace of the microsite above, at least on the first page. One does not need access to the returns of the companies’ email marketing software to know that the effect was limited. But things have changed recently.

There is a fuel saving device on the list and a search on the name plus fuel savings gives the ASA report second billing. Whilst you might have been a little doubtful that a device which gives 15% savings would not be heralded and, indeed, made a requirement, but those on your email lists might me drawn to it.

Whilst alternative therapies dominate the list, more well-known names can be found it. One wonders why they have not decided to accept the ASA’s decision and modify their claims. If you are in the same market then why not provide a link on your site to the ASA’s microsite? Encourage subscribers to your email marketing lists by showing that others are not to be trusted.



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