Email Design

Keeping things simple

We’ve mentioned a number of times that it is normally good practice to keep the designs of pages standard, at least to an extent. The landing page that a subscriber clicked through to should look more or less that same and the marketing email they came from. There are those who suggest that it should also be different enough so that the customer is aware they are on a different page. No one suggested email marketing design is easy.

WizEmail's Bots are perfectionists with everything email marketing relatedConsistency ensures that the customer’s attention is not taken away from the exercise in hand, completion. The same goes for other facets of the various pages as well. For instance, consistent tone is important. If you’ve been familiar and chatty, a sudden change to formal might make them forget what they are there for. You want the process to be smooth and without any bumps.

Another thing that can be confusing is a change in colour of the object. If you used an image of a bright blue thing on the marketing email then a dull grey one on the landing page can be a step too far. If colour choice is a particular aspect of the product then clarify this initially with, perhaps, the whole range displayed in thumbnail.

As you can see it is not all about staying with one typeface for the headings. It is a lot more subtle than that.

If the major attraction of your offer is the interest free repayments, ‘Just £190 Per Month’, then stick with it. You will have to include actual price, APR, etc, but when they click through to the landing page, make sure that the same monthly cost is the headline one. After all, it was hook enough to get them to click through.

Those on your email marketing list will be familiar with your designs, your choice of colour and typeface. It will be a trigger for them. Prices should be in, for instance, Verdana bold on all the pages they click through to, and preferably in the same place. They will have seen it initially so they will all but ignore it, being able to concentrate on the process.





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