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Rebranding your email campaigns; is it worth it?

I used to design logos. It was fun, it was remunerative and the little company I ran, with three others, would push for a rebranding. Nowadays I would tell the manager to visualize the impact the new website and matching documentation. As for their next email marketing campaign, it could be their best ever. 

It is rather odd that in a business built entirely on measurement – that’s what gives email marketing its edge – we seem willing to spend a great deal of money on rebranding without any way of measuring whether it gives a reasonable return on investment.

WizEmail :: Rebranding Your Email Campaigns; Is It Worth It?The first thing to ask yourself is what you want from your rebranding. A new look probably comes to mind initially. The next question is not so easy; what benefit will it give to your company.

A rebranding is exciting. You get the feeling you are doing something positive. Are you sure it is not like renaming a department whilst leaving its function the same? Is it all image?

Let’s not knock image. Its benefits are well documented. If your current one works for you, why change? Those on your email marketing lists like it the way it is and most people do not instinctively like change.

Have a reason for a rebrand. Does your site look staid? Does is give the wrong impression, such as being old fashioned? If so, then you have a purpose for your rebranding. If not, then why spend all that money and expend all that effort?

Would a simple colour change work? It gives all the appearance of new without all that spending on specialist designers.

One option that you might not have considered is doing away with the logo in your email marketing campaigns. The main purpose of a logo is identity. Those on your email marketing lists are already aware of who you are. Consider whether its function has already been completed.

A logo takes up space. Most marketing emails are read on mobile devices and unless it is a very basic design, any detail will be lost. Your rebranding could be as simple as cutting the logo.

Don’t forget to measure the returns though.



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