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Starting a blog

A quick Google will show that the number of blogs covering your particular product line is considerable. I know this because there are lots for every subject. There will be links to articles with headings of: 100 best [insert your type of product] blogs. So what is the likelihood of obtaining any benefit to your email marketing campaigns from a blog when there is all this competition from already established companies?

1. It works for them

The first thing to note is how many other companies have worked out that blogs are useful to them. The majority would not invest the time and money into something that gave no return on investment. They too had to start somewhere. The odds are there was a lot of competition when they started as well. 

2. Numbers aren't everything

Despite what you might read, the main point of a blog is not to gain a high number of readers. What you want are readers who are in the target audience. There are many who follow cleverly written blogs with fascinating content without any likelihood of buying the subject matter. I used to follow one on a model of car I was never going to buy.

3. Have a plan, have a budget, have a point

Stick to a plan, especially in the early stages. Know who you are writing for, what will attract them, and keep a hold on costs. Remember too that a blog has a function and if it doesn't perform that role, then just because you have lots of readers, the process is enjoyable and it gets you noticed, then it should be modified or it should go.

4. Control the content

You are trying to attract a specific type of person, one you define probably by your WizEmail analytics. Self indulgence, which is remarkably common in blogging, is only OK if it attracts those your are after. 

5. Publish at a frequency that suits you

Some blogs come out daily. Who has all that time to read them, let alone produce them? Weekly is good. Irregular can be even better as readers might take up the option of an email to notify them.




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