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The little difference in email marketing

Why do so many subscribers to email marketing lists go high street shopping despite the fact that they get much keener prices, a better selection, and be in comfortable surroundings without crowds if they shop online?

You might well believe that price is the main reason why people shop via the internet, but the facts and the returns from your email marketing software tell a different story. Despite all the negatives mentioned before, plus having to carry the products to their car parked, expensively, some way away from the shops, people still go. Once you have figured out why you will change your sales methods.

It seems odd to anyone who has experienced Christmas shopping that people enjoy the experience. That said, fewer and fewer do each year as online sales take ever bigger bites of the cherry. This does not take away from the fact that for many shopping is fun.

There are many constraints on email marketing. You have to ensure that subscribers to your email lists are not frightened away by festive over-indulgence. A big fat Santa as the main image is perhaps not a great idea. For the imaginative though there are opportunities, many probably missed by your competitors.

It is a stretch of credulity to expect someone to be excited by the arrival of a marketing email in their inbox any more than at the knock of a salesperson at their front door. However, there are ways in which you can make yours stand out though.

The method will depend a great deal on your product of course but put yourself in the place of those on your email marketing lists. What might make them click-through?

A landing page with a daily quote might not seem all that exciting but it is different. If you are selling DIY products then why not regularly include projects, ideas and suggestions?

Looked at it in the cold light of day it will probably seem a little bit naff but remember: you are not trying to sell to yourself. Give it a trial. Your email marketing software will tell you if being a little bit different gives you a little bit better return.



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