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Transferring email marketing skills to video

If you are seeking leads, and who in email marketing is not, then why aren’t you using video? You must know a great deal about targeting and so you will be able to use video for lead generation. Post a short and attention grabbing YouTube video on a subject that those on your email marketing list will find interesting and everyone who views it is a potential subscriber. 

WizEmail's Flash will help you target th right email marketing list It is cheap as well. You do not have to employ someone with a expensive skillset. The organisers of an event I attended had a professional, and therefore expensive, video production team recording the day. Some of the attendees brought their own video cameras. There were more views for a few of the amateur videos than for the professional one. Sleekness does not necessarily mean more hits. 

Move away for the moment from the idea of a moving advert for your company’s products. What you want is something that will gain the attention. It doesn’t have to be scatty cats. For instance, if you sell power tools for domestic use then how to build a garden shed might well attract those you are targeting. 

There doesn’t need to be any connection between the subject of the video and your products. All that is required is that your potential subscribers find it worth watching.  

As in email marketing design, a YouTube video will contain calls to action. Further, placement of CtAs will be more or less in the same; one near the front and repeat frequently. Targeting is very similar as well. You can use the data from your email marketing lists to work out just what will interest potential subscribers. 

You are not after a viral video, although it would be nice. Depending on your product. a thousand hits might be enough to repay your investment. Not only that but it remains active forever.  

Spend an hour or so searching on YouTube using keywords that would interest those on your email marketing lists. Remember that the search engine is second only to Google. Every view would be a potential subscriber. You will probably think, ‘I could do that’ and you would be right.




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