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User experience in email marketing

It has been said many times, and often on here, that email marketing is just the same as what we called selling. The same techniques that proved successful in the ‘old days’ can be used just as effectively now despite email marketing lists giving us so much more information.

You can see such processes in action in everyday life. I recently went to look at a camera. The sales staff were attentive without being overbearing. I was asked my name and then asked if it was OK to use my first.

WIzEmail's Bots will be at your service to create the best email marketing campaign and ensure your subscriber's satisfactionOne chap remained with me and asked the main use I had for the camera and then gave all the details of the one I was looking at which would be useful to me. There was a little bit on comparisons, I was given a bit of literature and then I was allowed to play with it. After giving the chap a not inconsiderable amount of money, he thanked me, gave me his card, saying, “If you have any problems with it, give me a ring.”

I thanked him as I left.

I know after buying a new camera I should feel upbeat, but the process, with me being made comfortable, the pleasant ambiance of the place, the willingness to satisfy my questions, ensured I would buy from them again.

The same goes for our business. Yet reports are that completing the process of purchasing without becoming irritated in not the norm. Yet making them feel purchasing went smoothly increases profits. 

Any little advantage that can be gained must be gained in email marketing. If you don’t attack the process then your subscribers will go elsewhere. There is no doubt that low prices attract customers, but efficient and pleasant user experiences keep them.

You email marketing campaign should follow the example of sales staff.

1/ Be friendly with your subscribers. It can be difficult to know how familiar each individual would like us to be, but we have the advantage of our stats from email marketing software. We can predict quite closely.

2/ Fulfill expectations. The design of the email should reassure, the navigation should be clear and easy to follow. They should feel at home.

3/ Make the process smooth. The click through button should be bright and cheery, with high quality images that enhance the copy and provide interest.

4/ Tell them all the facts about your product they want to know. Don’t make them hunt around. Have a click through to an information page that has the details logically arranged so if they want to know the exact dimensions, they can find them quickly, and just as easily as asking the sales staff.

5/ The user experience doesn’t end with the sale. Provide procedures that allow questions to be answered without delay. If they have a complaint they should be able to have it satisfied without long drawn-out arguments. They should feel the need to say thank-you once the process is over.

I admire good sales staff. They not only sell items, they ensure that customers return, and will probably ask for the same person again.

That’s what email marketing user experience should generate.




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