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Using video for leads

Every so often we are told that everyone in email marketing and online business in general are opting for video. Just as often it is suggested that now is the time to get involved in video in order to beat the rush. In essence this means that most commentators are surprised at how reluctant companies seem to be to access the advantages of video promotion. I have to confess to being one of them.

I accept that it is not perfect for every email marketing company, but I reckon that most will get a good return on investment if they have a committed attempt at it. I find it remarkably effective at gaining leads.

WizEmail's Bots will help you design and target the best email marketing listsEmail marketing lists, and the data on the subscribers gained from campaigns, allows us to define who we are targeting, and with a high degree of precision. Post a video on YouTube that is aimed at a specific demographic and there is a high probability that those you are after will view it. 

The trick, of course, is in the targeting. The subject matter does not have to be one of your products; in fact in the early stages it is best to be more general. Say you sell river cruises along the Danube; if it is something that will interest your subscribers, a short video of the Summer Festival in Bratislava will, by definition, gain the attention of those with similar interests. 

Your video might reach only a few viewers in a month or so, but each of them will be in your target group. They might be those who in the normal course of events would not consider a river cruise but after seeing the delights of the festival your boats could be seen as an attractive way of reaching Bratislava.

Anyone engaged in email marketing will have many skills that are directly transferable to video. For instance, all producers of YouTube videos look for subscribers to the channel, ensuring repeat views and a degree of loyalty. Targeting subscribers is what we do. Another example is calls to action. Much of the common practice in placement of CtAs in an email marketing campaign are the same for video. Show one early and repeat.
Videos are shared. There’s always a new video or two, or more, on my Facebook page when I sign in. The ‘friend’ who posted will have similar tastes to me so my first inclination is to view it and maybe even share. 

You might choose to end your video of the jollity in Bratislava with a view from your ship across the city. A piece to camera by someone relaxing in a comfortable chair, with your logo in the corner next to a CtA, will grab the interest of the viewer. 

It sounds easy, and that’s because for us it is fairly straightforward. You do not need expensive cameras, professional ability or massive funds. Viewers look for interest rather than a slick presentation.

YouTube provides analytics. These are fairly basic but cover all you will need in the early stages. You will discover what videos work and which bombed. Just like email marketing returns.




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