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Viral marketing emails

The major limitation to your email marketing campaign is that you can, by law, only send it to subscribers to your email marketing lists. This means that you will be missing a number of those who would be interested in the offer. You can either hope that subscribers will mention it to their friends or you can take steps to encourage them to do so. 

Why would anyone want to forward your email? Many believe that most do so in order to look good to their friends. I was in a hotel transfer minibus when, sitting in front of me were a couple on, I discovered later, a retirement celebration. All through the journey he pointed out interesting buildings, pretty views and pubs to his partner. Little gifts that both sides got something from.

WizEmail's Delivery Bot will help you reach exactly the right subscribersWhat circumstances would enhances a person’s self image by merely sending an email? I’ve forwarded emails where I’ve found the design to be particularly attractive and, conversely, appalling. By doing so I’ve shown that my opinion is sound and encouraged my friends to agree with my taste.

On other occasions I have sent emails containing information, offers, humour and news, all of which showed how lucky they were to have such a good friend. Once a company I subscribe to sent me an offer for a bit of software I had bought almost a year previously. I forwarded it to a friend whom I had recommended it to, and that at the higher price.

So why aren’t all your emails, interesting as they are, and so full of humour and news, winging their way around the ether, gaining you new subscribers? Perhaps it is because you don’t put the idea in the receiver’s head.

Why not say: “Forward this email to a friend (or colleague if B2B) who might be interested”? They will consider doing so. Further, the suggestion will remove any blame from them if the receiver isn’t that interested. There is the added bonus of the implied recommendation on your company by the fact that your satisfied customer believes you will benefit.

You can get others to work for you by allowing them to gain something from the transaction even if it is only an enhanced friendship.  




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