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The decision on Article 50 & Email Marketing

Brexit keeps on giving. The decision of the Appeal Court regarding triggering Article 50 and starting the process of leaving the EU should not have come as a surprise. Most commentators suggested it was a given.

If Prime Minister May does appeal, and this appears probable, the decision of the Supreme Court is less predictable as the assumption is that the government will change its suggestion that once triggered, Article 50 is irreversible.

The essence of the ruling is that Parliament has primacy. This is hardly a radical conclusion and whilst we have no codified constitution, it is implicit in our form of government. No one person should be able to impose their will on the people. We have voted to leave the EU but the route is for Parliament to decide.

WizEmail's Bots will make sure you are always on the safe side with your email marketingWe need to ignore the irony of those on the exit side demanding the UK to tack back control of its courts from the EU then complaining at this example of what will come. Whilst what is being played out in front of us is fascinating, and will be written about in the years and decades to come, we have more important matters to consider.

The effect of the exit vote has already been a factor in consumer confidence, and for good reason. In a period of uncertainty everyone, including your customers, and especially you, will think primarily of husbanding resources. This latest move, whilst being heralded as a block on leaving, is nothing more than a clarification of procedures. The printed media has over-hyped the decision and this is hardly helpful.

There would appear to be little risk of MPs voting against leaving. While betting companies have shortened odds on another referendum, this is not necessarily in reflection of its likelihood. They have other pressures. But all that matters is what your customers believe.

On the positive side for email marketing, this ruling allows us to petition for our interests in the negotiation process. Leaving the EU means we will no longer be part of the Digital Single Market and there is the fear that this might hinder us in the future. It would be helpful if MPs were reminded of the importance of email marketing to the economy.

There is work for us to do. Our customers have been hit by negative publicity despite the basis of any concern being uninformed. They need reassurance and honesty; especially the latter.

Your target should be subscribers to your email marketing list. The drop in the value of the GBP has given a boost to the economy, although it might be short-lived for some of us. Now might be the time to send marketing emails that indicate your confidence in the future. 

Whether you ignore the current kerfuffle or use it as a hook to hang your email on is down to you, but be positive. Keep your subscribers secure with the knowledge that prices haven’t increased and that they too should be planning for the future. 

Your customers will probably react positively to a counterpoint to hype and over-reaction.



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