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5 Ways to Get Personal in Email Marketing

Everyone agrees that personalising an email generates more sales and increases ROI. It is easy enough as a concept but with the high numbers on your email marketing lists, you cannot possibly treat everyone as an individual. However, there are simple steps you can take.

1. Call them by their preferred name
A frequent question is how do you know whether to call a subscriber by the first name or as Ms, Mr, etc. The answer is to ask them on sign up. A simple tick box reply for 'How would you prefer we address you?' is enough.

Those who give a preference must be addressed in the manner requested. Those who left it blank should be addressed in the manner those whom you would put in a similar segmented list have requested.

2. Use intimate language
Put the reader in the picture. Do not, for instance, solely describe the itinerary of a seminar. Say instead: 'You will discover methods you can use to increase the size of your . . .'

3. Use reverse personalising
If your business model allows, put the name of an individual on your email. For instance: 'For further information, contact Rebecca and her team.' If there is a photograph, preferably not a generic one as this can come back to bite you, then this adds to the personal touch.

4. Mention their history
Show them that you know who they are. If they bought a half set of golf clubs a year previously, then an offer to fill in the gaps makes sense. Firstly, this time of year they have shown that they have money for luxuries (OK, essentials). Secondly, if you say that: 'Last year you purchased an XYZ half set of golf clubs. Now, with the improvement this set would have helped you with, why not . . .'

You must not get too scary of course, but this level shows that you have some idea of who they are.

5. Chat to them

Put a friendly slant on the copy and don’t simply tell them facts. Make it obvious that you have thought what will attract them. Because, of course, you have.



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