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6 essentials when using video

We’ve mentioned that video is a great medium for lead generation although it can be a little daunting. As covered in a previous article, email marketing skills transfer seamlessly to video so the only thing stopping you is you. These are the few essentials.

1/ The kit

It need not be expensive. Some form of video camera is obviously a must but most iPhones are adequate and if you have a compact camera then you’ve got one up on most YouTube videos. A tripod, very cheap, is essential, together with basic, and therefore cheap if not free, video editing software.

Other requirements would include decent lighting if you are filming indoors, although this can be bought cheaply. Surprisingly for most people, the one expense can be decent sound recording. You need either a camera with a mic input or a digital recorder.

WizEmail's Bots are miracle workers when it comes to your email marketing campaign2/ A script

It’s a daunting word but means nothing more than planning what footage you need for your targeting. Having a cat with an odd expression will get you views, but something that will attract the precise audience is much more valuable. Remember, the subject does not have to relate to anything you sell. It just needs to attract those who might subscribe to your email marketing list. 

3/ Time

Filming does not take long if the planning is precise. If you want to make a two minute video, and that’s ample to start with, you will need about 20 minutes of footage. Editing takes longer although ten minutes planning will save two hours editing. 

4/ Value

The video needs to provide something of value to your audience, even if it is only humour. Think of it as an ebook in film form. 

5/ Research

That’s a horrible word, but here it means looking at videos that come up on a YouTube relevant keyword search. All you need to be is better, and believe me, it is not that difficult.

6/ Commitment

Don’t start then stop. Deliver decent quality video at regular intervals with content that interests potential subscribers to your email marketing list. If you manage that you’ll be better than most of your competitors.




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