Email Automation

The Basic Offer

The offer in email marketing does not only mean the way you put products up for sale. Other goals can be the generation of leads to gain subscribers to your email list or to a newsletter. You could merely be collecting information from your subscribers or perhaps entrants to a prize draw. Whatever the purpose, there is one common feature. To make it a successful campaign you need to do your research.

The design of the email is one variable that can be critical. Fail to engage your readers and you waste time, effort and often subscribers. So when you are presented with the wizard from your email marketing software how can you tune it?

One idea is to pinch other people’s. Firstly you need to subscribe to as many email marketing lists as you feel you can cope with and then a few more. Do not be too partial in deciding which to go for. By all means pick the most successful in your field, but also choose those who are currently your level in size, product and experience.

Check out those companies which are successful in the craft outside your product base as well. Ideas can transfer across various products. And then all you have to do is study them.

The most successful companies will have invested a great deal of money, time and risk assessment on their marketing email and, given that they are top of their field, you can accept that they have something that is evidenced. Your work has, to a great extent, been done for you.

You cannot just copy their designs and styles but ideas cannot be copyrighted. But then you do not want to. You will have to change them to suite your product and expectations. This is where the other company’s emails are useful.

Study those at your level, taking special note of which come from those moving up and the stagnating ones. What is the difference? Try and work out what makes recipients chose one over the other.

Follow the successful styles whilst you are building up your business. Once challenging at the top you will have to take a lead and then others will be studying your emails.



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