Email Campaign Management

8 Top Tips: Avoid Spam Filters, increase opens

Here are some general tips for your bulk emails which will help you to ensure your email newsletter gets through to as many people as possible and doesn’t get caught in Spam Filters.

  1. Fully Spell Check all text before sending
  2. Make sure there is a mix of text and images on your newsletter and not just images.
  3. Make sure that there is a plain text version of the email available which will allow anyone not able to view HTML emails to view your newsletter
  4. Make sure that the formatting is simple to read, avoid using multiple colours or font sizes – a heading format and main body text format is enough.
  5. Make sure that the HTML is coded correctly and that there is no redundant coding in the layout
  6. Make sure links are kept to a minimum and your text is not mainly words linking to pages on your site.
  7. Make sure all images and graphics are small in size and the number of images does not outweigh the text on the page.
  8. If you are using Wizemail’s Email Marketing system your emails will be sent from the Wizemail servers. However, the From address can be changed to anything specific to your company – for example


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