Email Campaign Management

A balance for newsletters

The on-costs of email newsletters (e-newsletters) can be considerable. The risk of failure is high and there can be little more daunting than a blank wizard just before the deadline. Yet given how many successful businesses use them there must be some advantages for those in email marketing.

The trick is to build your e-newsletter into a must-read, something that your customers will look forward to. Produced and resourced correctly it will be the route to more subscribers to your email lists.

Wondering what to put in it can be daunting but if the content is broken down then the task becomes easier. Think what you wanted when you started up and it is likely that you will remember:

Time saving

It is hackneyed to say time is money, but that doesn’t stop it being very true. Show your customers how to save a bit here and a bit there. It will soon build.

Problem solving

Increase their knowledge of the subject and show them how to solve their day-to-day problems.

Save money

Demonstrate how they could spend less on products and how to make their offer more desirable without cutting the price to the bone.


Make it a fun read and your subscribers will look forward to it and maybe even show it around. A few links to your website where a viral lurks can soon become infectious.

Font of all knowledge

Show your company is professional and a resource that they can depend on. This will build trust. Many might be worried on how safe their data is with you. Reinforce your systems all the time.

What proportion of your e-newsletter will be devoted to each subject will depend on who your subscribers are. Business-to-business will demand a different approach to those that go out to retail customers. However, do not patronise the latter. In-depth articles on trends and news are useful to everyone.

E-newsletters provide a back-door way into the inbox of your potential and actual customers. When your marketing email arrives, obviously at a different time, their familiarity with your products will increase the open rate.



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