Email Campaign Management

A Personal Diatribe

One target you should have, and on every email marketing campaign, is to keep those on your email marketing list happy. They should welcome your emails and open them with anticipation. It seems strange, therefore, that so many companies ignore the most basic sensible systems.

Let’s go through some of the most frequent mistakes as noted by me over the last four months.

First and foremost is making it obvious that the way you see your subscribers is as a money-making source. If you do not treat them with some degree of courtesy they will unsubscribe.

For instance, I have bought two items from a couple of companies and find that I now receive two identical emails, although normally an hour or two apart. They are showing that they can’t be bothered to check their email marketing lists in order not to irritate. It is the same when the same email is sent twice within two weeks.

I like being addressed in a certain way. If I’m asked I will indicate what this is, and if it is not followed then I’m irritated. If they don’t ask then I am still irritated.

I don’t expect Booker Prize prose but some acknowledgement of English grammar and correct spelling would be nice.

I reckon I am very much like the population at large in that I don’t like being treated as a bit of an idiot. One email that has riled me of late is an offer trumpeted as half price for six months. Reading on, I found that a 12-month contract is required, so it is a 25% reduction.

More or less the same is overhyping a product. It should be on their email marketing software that I always check specifications so they should know I won’t be fooled.

I want to know if the product is for me in the first few lines. Do not go on about superfluous matters.

Finally, everyone will be infuriated by dishonesty. Don’t lie and follow the regulations – especially the one about ease of unsubscribe.
Or, to put it simply, convince me you see me as a person rather than just a way to sell your stuff.



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