Email Data

All data sources have value

The returns from an email marketing campaign are comfortingly dependable. There can be no arguments about the raw data although it does have to be interpreted to an extent. But there are other sources of information that can be used with such metrics to target subscribers.

Further, not all subscribers are created equal and calculating how to identify the ones who give the greatest return on investment is an essential. Everyone is looking for an edge. 

Wizemail's Data Bot will help you make the most of your email marketing campaignFor instance, let’s look at those who subscribed via your newsletter. There might well be a subtle difference between who used the click-through button in the email and those who subscribed during a campaign with prizes.

Both types will probably already know your products and your method of working. In addition there will be a number who regularly click through for further technical information. These might well respond to a more sophisticated marketing email, one with lots of detailed information. The way to find out is to check the returns. 

The newsletter might well give the greatest number of subscribers for a specific cost and, as they already know you, their total value to you should be greater. The lifecycle of subscribers varies and those who know what they are signing up for might well stay for a long time.

We all love trade fairs. Lots of products to examine, lots of free coffee, lots of people to meet and discuss matters over a pleasant lunch. I’m not decrying networking of course, but there is a substantial cost in setting up and running a display at one. 

You might feel the expense is justified given the number of B2B subscribers you sign up but this figure needs to be interpreted by way of their value to your company over an extended period. 

There are other details that can only be gained via a questionnaire. Many feel the information can’t be trusted as it is subjective but they miss the point. It is comparative and is essentially another metric to hone targeting.

All information has intrinsic value. This can be increased by checking against other data from every source you can imagine. 



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