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The dangers of green claims in email marketing

Accept that email marketing pollutes. Whilst you might recycle everything you can, you can’t recycle everything. That is the best any us can do. If you do your best, then tell your customers. 

There was a spate of companies suggesting they were green a few years ago but most, 95% according to some reports, were false. This leads us to the first requirement in any green campaign:

1/ Be honest in your claims

WizEmail Blog :: Avoid The Dangers Of Green Claims  In Email  Marketing If you cut down on packaging, then be specific, along the lines of ‘We reduced our packaging by 38%’. If you are looking for further steps you could take, then say so, but you must follow through as well.

Customers have been lied to for years and distrust claims, so:

2/ Be transparent

Have click-throughs in your email marketing campaigns and online to details and reports. Be clear on what you are doing and if you miss your targets, say so. 

Greening costs and you will want to, at the very least, get your investment back so:

3/ Shout about what you are doing

Intelligent packaging, such as reusable envelopes, are a simple but positive move. Stamp your logo clearly on it so the next receiver is aware of what you are doing. They are potential subscribers to your email marketing lists.

It doesn’t do to broadcast how green your company is yet have no recycling bins where you receive potential customers, which requires you to:

4/ Have someone in your office with green responsibilities

Most importantly, you should treat their recommendations responsibly.

If you are serious in your green desires, then:

5/ Beware of third parties

There are gains in going green but many cost. If you join with another company in your campaign, there is always the danger that they are there for what they can get out of it – nothing wrong there – but aren’t believers. If they have feet of plastic, it could hurt you.

There is profit in email marketing going green. If you make your claims accurate, avoid meaningless buzzwords and limit your impact on the environment, you will help yourself and everyone else. 



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