Email Campaign Management

Awareness – the start of the email marketing funnel

Making yourself apparent to your target audience has always been the difficult aspect of email marketing. No matter how good your offers are, if your customers are not aware of them, they won’t sell. 

The more blanket forms of advertising, such as TV and other types of what we might call scatter-gun methods, have been reported to be in a bad way a number of times over the years. Indeed, its death has been reported on occasion. It can be expensive given the returns, but if you are competing against the biggest, big costs go along with it.

The Start Of The Email Marketing FunnelWhile there does seem to be evidence to show that TV advertising is not dead, it would appear that there’s a trend away from non-targeted advertising. The various social media methods, the number being a problem in itself, can be easier and perhaps cheaper, to target. With your access to the data on your email marketing lists, not to target would obviously be a waste of resources. 

There are other options. If you are local, or have local outlets, more local methods might be the better option. One that I was involved in a few years ago involved a new branch of a cycle shop opening in my town. It struggled initially as it was tucked away in an historic twitten, but the fortunes changed by a clever, though I say it myself, little initiative. 

The managers started a website giving information on events and attractions in the town and its environs. It provided a base for local individuals, and clubs to spread the word about their particular shows, interests and developments. There were local walks taking in the town’s interesting points, and well-documented longer cycle rides. 

There were product reviews, links to enewsletter subscription and, later, email marketing lists. 

The site became well known locally yet it cost little in the way of effort and investment. Local cyclists would provide reports of routes. The newsletter became the subject of conversation, and, as many cycling routes started near the twitten, the shop gained a large clientele. It’s the awareness stage of the funnel, that's essential for email marketing. It’s thinking small to become big. 




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