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Email Marketing – Avoiding the Spam Filters

Below are 5 items to avoid when writing the content of your email newsletter. Avoiding these things can help you to avoid the trappings of Spam Filters and reach more of your potential customers.

  1. Using Capitals for whole words or lines of text
  2. Really large fonts or italics
  3. Forms
  4. Poor Punctuations or the dreaded repeated punctuation marks such as !!! or //////////////
  5. Non standard HTML colours or any colour other than white for the background of your HTML template.

Words to Avoid in your Email marketing

The below words are just a sample of some of the words which will trigger Spam Filters and should be avoided when working on your bulk email

Money Back
Extra Income
No Risk, Risk Free
Free particularly FREE or FREE, FREE! FREE!!!

Anything Adult content related such as Over 18s, Over 21s xxx adults only or erotic.

Oh, and don't forget some words meaning could be misconstrued, offering Analysis in Scunthorpe may not be seen the same way by a spam filter as the intended computer programmer in the north of England wink

It's more common than you may think (Wikipedia Article).



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