Email Campaign Management

Creating copy for email marketing

With the graphics, heading and headlines chosen all that remains for the email to be finished is some copy to fill the blank spaces. What form this takes will be a decision only you can make as it will depend to an extent on the nature of those of your email lists and the type of product you are selling. But there are some general rules.

In email marketing if readers have made their way to the text then you have done something wrong. The objective of the email is to get readers to click through at an early stage. Do not despair as they must be interested otherwise they would have clicked the delete button by now.

The purpose of the copy is therefore clear, to push them that little bit harder. If the offer is for a holiday in the Seychelles and your first heading refers to the four star hotel, then you need to describe its attractions. The pictures will show the beautiful rooms and wonderful views from the balconies so this need not be reinforced at this stage. How about:

Your personal private plunge pool is but a few barefoot steps away from a luxurious white sand beach, with the warm Indian Ocean lapping gently against it. The scent from the cinnamon trees mixes euphorically with the tropical birdsong.

In essence it says very little. However, your readers might have the imagination to picture themselves there. If they do then you are nearly at your destination.

Two sentences is about the right length so do not repeat what you have already said. If, for instance, you are offering something technical, such as a camera, then you might be tempted to display the full technical specification. Resist this urge.

Underneath the heading which mentions the 14 mega pixels and 35x zoom, the text should mention the 2¼” touch-screen and image stabilising. Make the full specification available via a click through, where there will be another ‘Click Here to Buy’.

Email marketing is all about selling, not informing, so keep copy short and precise. It should be designed to convince the reader to buy.



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