Email Design

Creating the email

The big fear of those new to email marketing seems to be the email itself. They feel that the creative process requires skills they do not posses and procedures they do not understand. The reality is somewhat different.

There can be no argument: the design of the email is critical. It will have got past the first stage, that of the spam filters, and the second, of being deleted instantly. The recipients have shown that they are interested so it is all down to the email content. If it is not just right the sale is lost.

There is good news. Whilst the procedures of email marketing might seem bewildering, the fact is that you probably have all the necessary skills. A marketing email is, in essence, sales talk. It is the digital form of what you do daily. The pressures are virtually identical: you have time restraints and those of costs.

Further, the email needs to get an instant reaction, so the opening must excite the recipient, and the offer itself must be good enough to entice the buyer and yet give a good return on investment. In essence all you need to do is get inside the mind of the customer and that is what sales have been about forever.

Whilst the medium is virtual, the process is real.

The design procedure is simplicity itself. You need no special staff, no training and, most importantly, no need to learn from mistakes. You can be up there with the leaders from the start.

Wizemail’s new drag and drop editor couldn’t be easier to follow. You can see the whole procedure demonstrated simply and clearly in this video tutorial.

Using wizards does not preclude instilling a bit of corporate identity into the email. Nor does it restrict individuality. It fulfils the needs of the beginner but can be just as effective when testing minor and major changes, making it easy to respond to email marketing software returns.

The creative procedure for email marketing is not something to fear. Despite it being a critical part of the process it is, as the YouTube video shows, something anyone can do.



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