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Designing a marketing email – the vital questions

It can be difficult to approach each email marketing campaign with a fresh mind and a degree of originality when it is the third one of the year. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make things easier.

1/ What excites this person?

People generally buy on emotion. The trick is knowing which button to press. If it is office consumables, then you might not reckon that emotion plays a part. But there’s loyalty, the comfort of knowing the quality, and other factors to try for. For things like bicycles, there’s pictures of mountains to climb, even if they live in Norfolk. How about excitement, dreams, comfort and many more triggers?

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2/ How can they justify the purchase logically?

Someone dribbling with enthusiasm for your pram needs facts to help them rationalise their decision, not only to themselves but others. If you are selling a top of the range pram, with the price tag to reflect its quality, in the text box by the picture mention that it was top for reliability in independent tests and that its resale value after two years is 60%. Customers will look for support of their instinct to buy.

3/ What is the ‘me’ factor?

It is not just a monetary case of what is in it for me, but how does it help me. Adverts for charities use phrases like ‘you can help’. It is the personal touch. “Buy this because you’ll look good” but with more circumspect phrasing. Scriptwriters for TV adverts will plunder their reservoir of personal pronouns. 

4/ Is it emphasising value?

Email marketing is not all about the lowest price. Show them value. Praise the quality, the lifestyle enhancements, and especially the comparison between your product and those of your closest competitors. 

Image and text has the same function, but don’t have them repeat each other. If there is a lot in the press about the latest product you sell, then a clear image of it being used by some smug guy will probably be enough. The text can then justify the price. 

You should ask these questions for each segmented email marketing list. One size will not fit all.



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