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Designing emails for mobile devices

If at the moment most of your marketing emails are not read on mobile devices then I feel confident in saying that it will not be long before they are. The statistics are quite definite. Indeed, the main reason people buy smartphones is to read their emails on the go.

The advice in the past has been that in the design phase you should create a modified email for those likely to be read on mobile devices but given the take-over of smartphones, this has to change. Let’s make it clear for us in email marketing: design your email for mobile devices.

The good news is that this is no great challenge. Much of what you have been told about the requirements for emails presented on laptops and desktops goes for mobiles as well. The main difference now is that you have to comply with the advice.

We have been consistent in the past and have suggested that the From line should be clear and precise. The recipient must know immediately who has sent the email. If your company name is, for instance, RV8R, this is is what should be presented first.

It is the same with the Subject line. You have to capture the attention of the reader instantly. No messing around with clever questions or obscure games for them to play.

Limit graphics, or rather take into consideration download times. Many smartphone users will not have experienced dial-up internet connections and will get frustrated if they have to wait.

Paragraphs should be short, precise and the subject should be obvious immediately. Present the offer early on. Show click-throughs at once and repeat frequently.

Avoid background images or colours that might confuse or make the email difficult to read.

You no doubt realise that in essence there is no change from the requirements for desktops. Now though it is an imperative.

There are two main extra considerations you have to take on board, the first being to limit the width of the email to 600 pixels. Most mobile devices can cope with this. The second is to experiment with send times. You email marketing software will help here.


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