Email Analysis

Don’t cheat those on your email list

There are a number of regulations which limit what advertisers can promise or even suggest in an advert. In general, they are an aid to anyone selling via email marketing as customers will feel reassured, if only to a certain extent. You have the ability to reinforce this impression and ensure that they believe what drops into their inbox.

If you promise that a certain ingredient in your cream will reduce wrinkles or weight and it doesn’t, the best you could hope for is that the regulators will tell you to desist in such claims. That’s bad enough, but more to the point, if the customer was a subscriber to your email marketing list you will have lost their trust. You will probably lose them as a subscriber as well.

Don't Cheat Those On Your Email ListThere are a number of well-known motivators which can be exploited, via an email marketing campaign, to encourage customers to buy objects that they would not normally opt for. There’s obviously nothing wrong in doing so and, in fact, it has a distinct positive. You might well generate gratitude as you are opening up new experiences and opportunities to subscribers to your email marketing list. It will probably encourage them to try something similar again.

We have enormous amounts of data on our subscribers which allow us to target our email marketing campaigns. To a great extent you know their triggers. With this goes responsibility. Many would think that it would be immoral to use this information to encourage a subscriber to buy something they will not use.

Even ignoring the moral and legal aspects, there’s another feature to be considered. Targeting does not mean using subscribers to your email marketing list as a target. If you ignore their needs and desires, and make promises the product cannot fulfil, remember they might open the package when they are in a more logical frame of mind. They will realise that they cannot trust you. 

Many people, on discovering they’ve been played, will become irritated and want some kind of recompense. They can always return the product and the unsubscribe button is always just a click away. 



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