Email Campaign Management

Email Marketing Campaign Essentials

There are a number of variables that have to be considered in any email marketing campaign. The email itself has to be designed, the offer costed and even the precise time you are going to send it is another decision. However these are secondary to the most important one of all: which of those on your email list to target.

Once you know who you are sending the email to all the other decisions are virtually made for you. Targeting is the big skill, but one which is easy enough to define. All you have to do is to classify those on your email lists.

The headings below are not etched in stone. They will vary depending on your business, your budget and how detailed the data you have on your subscribers is. They are intended to get you thinking about your requirements.


This would include age, gender, where they live and any other personal information you have on them. You can never have too much detail.


Do they see themselves as having a position in society to live up to or are they up for a trip to an Oxfam shop?

How much

The total value of their purchases in the past is an indicator of how much you can expect them to pay in the future. It also should be a pointer towards how much more you can get from them. An expensive holiday suggests a considerable disposable income.

How long

Subscribers will follow a norm in purchasing habits. They might start off all enthusiastic and open to suggestion and then gradually limit their purchasing. This will show you the most opportune time to offer them a bargain.

What they buy

Previous purchases show more than just that the item will want replacing. A printer will need paper and ink in the short term However, if they opted for one of photo quality then they might well be open to an offer of a camera or memory cards.

As your number of campaigns increases so does the ability to classify your customers and therefore your opportunity to target them with precision.



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