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5 reasons to bother with multiple landing pages

If a landing page works for one person you might wonder why you need more. Here are some reasons to invest that little bit of extra effort.

  1. Targeting
    It is as important to target the landing page as it is the marketing email design. Just as there is no universal design of email to suit all your subscribers, nor is there any single design of a landing page. Certain groups will require nothing more than the ordering process to encourage them to buy whereas others might need a picture, or a friendly greeting. 

  2. Ease the experience
    WizEmail wizBotYou will have designed your marketing email for a specific segment of your email marketing list. There needs to be a seamless transmission one to the other and it is essential to avoid anything that makes the process jar with the customers. If the marketing email had bright, cheery colours to target an adventurous group, then a sudden change to monochrome, which you have found best for B2B, could well be a hazard to buying. It is essential not to upset or unsettle your customers.

  3. Everyone will be a test
    Every campaign should be used to test and improve. A little change might make a considerable difference.

  4. People click through from all directions
    If you want casual browsers to click through onto a landing page then it will need a different make up to one where subscribers have already viewed a marketing email. The latter are already convinced your product is worth buying but those who have wandered in somewhat unfocused will need further information and encouragement. They will also need convincing.
    Further, if you want people to come direct to a landing page it will have to be optimised for search. You will have removed all extraneous copy from one aimed at those clicking through from a marketing email and so it is unlikely to convince the Google bots to include it on page one.  

  5. And finally, the most obvious reason of all:
    Because everyone can

Your rivals will be doing everything to ensure their best return on investment so you have to do so as well.



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