Email Design

Landing Page Copy Should Reassure Subscribers

Your marketing email has performed well and a subscriber has clicked through to the landing page. From here on in you can only mess it up. You should remember that nothing is over until money has changed hands, and just because the subscriber has shown an interest does not mean they will complete. You’ve still got work to do.

Just as the image on the landing page should normally differ from that of the marketing email, the copy has a different function so merely repeating what you’ve already said is at best a waste of time and at worst the waste of an opportunity to sell. If anything, the copy on a landing page has to be tighter than on the email.Landing Page Copy Should Reassure Subscribers

You pushed your very competitive price on the email and your subscriber is intrigued. They will have their doubts though. After all, other companies are selling at a higher price and they may well be wondering what corners you have cut in order to make it so cheap. The landing page should reassure them and copy can do it.

Obviously stick the price up front and clear; it’s your main selling point. If you have a reason you can sell so cheaply, such as a bulk buy or you are clearing your shelves, then tell your potential customer and be upfront and clear about that as well. Even so, doubt might remain, so you’ve more work to do.

If the product merits its, mention your after sales service, the guarantee you offer and that they can return it if not totally satisfied. Do not, however, go over the top. It can create doubt in the mind of a purchaser and that’s a poor move at this stage.

Reinforce the main selling point. Back it up with other features you were unable to mention in the marketing email due to space considerations, and, most importantly, build up the excitement in buying that most look for. You should know what the subscribers to email marketing list want from your product. Your job is to tell them that this is the one for them, at a price they can afford. 



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