Email Design

Learning from websites

There is something exciting about opening one of the free email marketing templates and being able to modify it to your heart’s content. Who doesn’t enjoy the buzz from authority and creativity? After all, they are designed to be altered. But take care in your rampage. You should have a plan.

One endless source of inspiration is to study successful websites which are intended to sell. I’m not suggesting you take a screen grab but the general principles that they follow are applicable to marketing emails. 

WizEmail's Doodles is the creative genius you want helping when creating a stunning email marketing campaignWhen you open a home page you will find a simple, clean design that shows you what the site is all about. It will probably feature a specific item that is on offer which is their best seller or gives them the best return. In our case we need to ensure there is no clutter and that the item we are presenting is there as they open the email.

The site will look as if the designer has gone through it discarding everything that wasn’t essential, then gone through again doing the same. Twice is the minimum for us as well.

In website design books, navigation is given great prominence. It should be clear and follow common practice. Readers should not have to search. It is even more important for us. Click throughs to the landing page should be clear, frequent and enticing.

Webites need to appear professional and responsible. They are asking people to part with money. We have a distinct advantage as we sell to people who have subscribed to our email marketing lists, so presumably feel safe. The design and wording should ooze dependability.  

Consistency helps. Like websites, we should have a common design for whatever a customer clicks through to whether more information or, hopefully, the landing page. We don’t want them to be surprised.

Few successful commercial websites are in the vanguard of design as it might lead to readers concentrating on it, rather than reading your copy. Let your email be modern but transparent. 

You will find that website designers don’t get hung up on typefaces or colours. You to should stick to what will help you to sell, and self indulgence doesn’t.



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