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Mobile email marketing & multi-tasking

I read a lot of statistics about marketing in general and email marketing in particular. I’ve noticed that there is a degree of variation in the results, as is only to be expected, and in any case any stats that don’t come through our email marketing software is of little interest. However, there are trends that we need to be aware of.

If you want to waste a few hours, search online for multi-tasking. The gender-specific aspect has been largely derided, according to experimental sources. From observation though, multi-tasking is on the increase. You’ve no doubt seen enough yourself to be convinced.

WizEmail's Analysis Bot will guide you through all reported email marketing data to improve your statusIs there anyone not irritated by mobile phones in restaurants? That’s those dining with a group or another individual. It is a significant cultural change for it to be accepted to phoning someone else during a meal.

Such behaviour is common according to research. Seven out of ten Americans check their email on a mobile device whilst watching a film or TV, which is, remarkably, only a few more than those who check in bed. Over four in ten do so when commuting, the low rate coming as a surprise to those of us who travel by train.

Then there are the times when one might expect people to check their email: when walking or on holiday, these having a lower percentage rate than those Americans who check their emails in the ‘bathroom’ believe it or not.  

Statistics are a fascinating insight into changing norms. This means they are of great help to us. It was some time ago we were told that more people check their email on mobile devices than on a desktop or laptop so this does not come as a surprise. What it should do is to demonstrate how one should design all aspects of a marketing email.

There’s a certain discipline implicit in checking emails on a desktop. There are fewer distractions and there is a whole range of facilities that make deciding whether to open the email easier. Checking inboxes on mobile devices when doing something else makes thing difficult for us. 

You might wonder how you can compete against, say, Alien Covenant, with its exciting storyline and horrid monsters but it is possible. 

You will be segregating your email marketing lists in response to when the subscriber is more likely to open your email, so a sudden shock on screen might not mean that it is deleted. You should be aware though that customers might be commuting and the cramped carriage needs to be considered when working out the best wording for a Subject Line.

After getting over the first hurdle, what your subscriber wants from the body of the email if they are about to go to bed is unlikely to be clever use of phraseology. Something which is clear, concise and gets the message over instantly should be the aim.

Forget the battle between mobile and desktop as the prime viewing method for emails. It’s over. Consider instead how mobile use affects the way they are viewed.

We will cover the specifics of design for mobiles later.




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