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As far as email marketing is concerned, the argument is over: you should design for mobile devices intitally. Reading emails is one of the main reasons – the one according to some surveys – for people to buy and use a smartphone.

Historically, the layout and choices when designing a marketing email have been made on the basis that it will be read on a desktop or laptop. The advice was to modify it rather than redesign for mobile devices.

B2B emails and those that are likely to read whilst the recipient is in an office environment could still, at the moment at least, be depended on to be viewed on a lap/desktop. It is up to you to work out what suits your individual subscribers and your email marketing software will point the way here. However, there is always the chance that they might still use a smartphone to filter the emails.

All is not lost. There are some simple guidelines with regards the design of emails for mobile devices.

1. The From line

Make it clear who you are in as few words, three at the most, if possible. So no self indulgent names or clever phrases. If you are: Thrilling Holidays then ensure that this is what they read first.

2. Subject line

Learn from the From line and keep it short, sweet and descriptive. Don’t try and make them think. Be clear. If Rock climbing is what you are selling, then start here. Don’t pose a question; ‘Are you tired of holidays that are very similar?’ Would you read to the end of that if it was the subject line?

3. Keep copy brief

Ensure that words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs are short and to the point. Click-throughs should be quick to load, easy to see and viewable all the time. Avoid long descriptions, intricate phraseology and, if possible, adjectives and adverbs.

4. Hit them early

Have the offer right at the top of the page as they open the email. Push slow loading images further down the page, or dispense with them altogether. Remember that the reader might well have been used to desktop speeds of downloads and could become frustrated by having to wait.

5. Width

The general advice with regards designing for mobiles has been for emails not to exceed 600 pixels. A smartphone will modify the display but if you want to keep your email to appear near to your intended design then consider smaller widths.

6. Timing

One problem, from a user’s point of view – that is this user – is that the phone is available all the time and there is a temptation to open the email client at inopportune times. It is too easy to delete an email.

In effect, the advice for designing for mobiles, apart from the width, is exactly what you have been told for years would make a responsive email when designing campaigns for lap/desktops. The use of smartphones has been a remarkable revolution in information exchange. However, the pressures on email marketing largely remain the same.

Now, though, it is essential to follow the advice.


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