Email Campaign Management

Multiple email lists

Despite what you might have been told, the one way to ensure mediocrity in email marketing is to have an email list. Instead, what you must go for is a number of email lists. Treating all subscribers the same is a basic error, one that will cost you.

There is no argument against the unsubscribe button. One sure way of getting those on your email lists to click it is to send them too many marketing emails that they find uninteresting or irrelevant.

This might seem to contradict accepted wisdom in email marketing that to get the best return on investment you should send as many emails as your subscribers will accept. However it is more a case of sending only to those who might respond and not upsetting those who would not.

By having different email lists you can ensure that those of a certain demographic are in one and those of another in, of course, another. The criteria are up to you of course but some are obvious.

• Age

You can ensure that your products which are aimed at a certain age group are only offered to those who fall inside it. If one of your products is an insurance for those between 50 and 80 then the answer is rather obvious. However, toys are a bit more complex but you might find that computer games are bought by parents and cuddly animals by grandparents.

• Sex

This is not so much as to which sex the item is aimed but the one which buys it. As Mothers’ Day approaches the offspring should be targeted.

• Location

Fashion is not universal. What will be worn in the summer in Cornwall might not receive such a welcome reception in Inverness. Further, you might want to encourage customers who are local to your stores.

Professional email marketing responds to targeting. If you waste effort, time and subscribers to your email lists by sending out an email to everyone regardless of whether they will be interested or not you will fall behind your competitors who do. Segregate to accumulate is not a bad way of ensuring your business is the one that is emulated.



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