Email Campaign Management

Pitching marketing emails to the right audience

An email is a sales pitch. Email marketing software compensates for the fact that the deal is not completed face to face. In essence the only difference between sales staff and digital sales is that one requires a signature on the dotted line whilst we want someone to click through.

Your sales staff will have to work out what tactic to use based on their experience. They often have to assess a person on appearance alone. We, however, have no excuses as there is ample information available to us in our email marketing software. All we have to do is use it correctly.

What headings you should use is an article on its own. We will concentrate on the first text box. Whether you use a professional copywriter or do it yourself, you need to know what you want to do.

If a person is still reading after the heading, the subheading and the picture then you have their interest. Now is not the time for waffle. Go in for the kill.

In the case of a holiday, if the recipient has got to the text then the price, location and accommodation has excited their interest. Build on this.

Do not look upon the text box as something you have to fill. Too much copy is as bad as too little.

If the headline you chose mentioned the beautiful beaches and the pictures showed them populated with beautiful people, then perhaps you could reinforce this and add another attraction those on the specific list you are using might also enjoy.

You email marketing software tells you if those on the list will have money to spend on nightlife. If so, move from the beach attractions to something that might continue to excite their interest. Consider:

“You will never tire of the sun, sand and scenery but eventually a beautiful sunset will tell you it is time to wander back to the Retreat’s 5-star restaurant just a short walk away. Or you could spend the night dancing at the hotel’s world renowned night club.”

Keep it short, keep it strong and keep it on target.



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