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Powerful words to use in a marketing email

Words can describe the universe. We’ll have to accept that mathematics does it quicker although no more accurately. On top of that, you need words for poetry where a phrase can define an emotion.

One subtlety of the English language is that a word can have a different effect on different people. Much might depend on their finances, self image or peers. Take revolutionary; it probably sounds exciting to some people. What could be better than being one step in front of your friends. Won’t they be impressed.

To others, wanting a reliable and predictable product, it might come over as too close to experimental, to the detriment of longevity. In other words, despite what you might have been told, there are few descriptive words or phrases that generate the same response in everyone. 

WizEmail's Analysis Bot will help you understand your measurable results in email marketing perfectlyYou can see that it is, unfortunately, not simply a case of selecting from a list of ‘The Most Powerful Words in Advertising’ and dusting them around the marketing email. There are some which are tried and tested, such as ‘Free’ but you don’t want to give everything away.

Others that are acknowledged as useful include ‘You’. This is because it is inclusive and builds a relationship. It signifies a beneficial process. How about ‘Cheap’? Surely it is what everyone is after.

People buy premium products. My partner’s iPhone does most of what my android one does, and for only a 50% increase in cost. Segmented email marketing lists will be an essential if you are selling a range of products from premium to absolute bargain.

Predicting how effective a particular word will be in an email marketing campaign is not as difficult as it might first seem. Some words, such as ‘Reduction’, are all but universally well received. Those who are watching every penny will be relieved while anyone wanting to impress others can point out how shrewd they are. 

The words you use should be dependent on which email marketing list you use. If the group you are aiming at has a high level of education then ‘research suggests’ can indicate that you recognise this and are treating them as their self image requires.

Every group has its own vocabulary, and that includes you. The words you use on a daily basis are dictated by whom you talk with. You might not be aware of the words that those on each of your email marketing lists prefer. On the bright side, you won’t need too many.

You need to research what others can relate to. The answer, as it so often is, comes online. Go onto forums, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. See what words they favour. 

If someone praises then the words they use show what is recognised by their group. Avoid hyperbole. Overpraise tends to be written in order to amuse and can appear to be self-congratulatory. Be very careful with LoL and such; in fact avoid if possible. 

There is no magic tree which you can pluck the perfect word. You need to use something specific to your email marketing list.




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