Email Campaign Management

Profiling, the answer to competition

Profiling might be the stuff of exciting police dramas on television but it has a place in email marketing as well. The current economic situation, as well as what is to come, together with the increase to 20% VAT might not seem reasons to be cheerful, there are some positives if you look carefully enough. If you discover what motivates those on your email lists, you will have a distinct advantage.

Research has shown that online sales will increase year on year for the next five years and this has got to be good for those engaged in email marketing. Mind you, the suggestion that more companies will be moving into online sales from other more traditional marketing methods is a bit of a downer. But it is easy enough to stay ahead of the game.

Those coming into the business are at a distinct disadvantage. Firstly, they will not have established email lists, the most expensive aspect of email marketing. Further, they are robbing Peter as most will fund this move by dropping their press and social media budgets. This is a big risk.

It is probable that competition will increase. Indeed it will be surprising if it did not, so you need to become more professional to stay ahead.

The subscribers to your email lists will have a norm, a lifecycle, running from when they first come to you to when the unsubscribe. This is accurately and precisely defined by email marketing software. It will tell you when they are most susceptible to that rather pricey offer as well as highlighting the time when they are most vulnerable to clicking the unsubscribe.

This information builds up over time and your data will give you a massive edge over those who have just become your competition. Information alone is not going to help. You must act on it.

Try something, anything, to keep them. The giveaway, a special treat, the offer they cannot refuse. You will be able to tell within a very short time which ploys give you a return on investment. The email marketing software returns are all but instant.

Those established in email marketing have an edge. But it needs to be kept sharp.



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