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Royal patronage

There are opportunities during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations for those willing to try their luck with souvenirs. There is a tremendous choice of items and you will need your email marketing software to discover which give the best return on investment. More to the point, unlike the Olympics, there has been a lightening of the restrictions on what you can use.

If you are to be patronised by anyone then the Queen, or at least her commercial representative, is the one you would probably choose. In the guidelines for Royal Souvenirs there is a requirement that they are in good taste. There is also a requirement that they be permanent. Apart from that, they must be free of advertisement as well as any implication of Royal Custom or Approval. If you can comply with all of that then they can be identified by such phrases as The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 or The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012.

The Royal Symbols that may be used are limited to the Royal Arms, the Arms of the Duke of Edinburgh or component parts thereof. Further, the Cyphers of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh may be used, as can approved photographs of them. For photographs of other Royals individual permissions must be sought.

Your email marketing software will tell you which particular reference to the diamond jubilee your subscribers prefer. As for their preference in textiles their choice will be somewhat limited. Tea-towels, aprons and t-shirts with Royal Insignia are banned. Only carpets, wall hangings, cushions and head-scarves (of course) are the only textiles to be so graced.

There are further restrictions on the use of Royal Symbols with regard to promotional advertising for souvenirs. The sole exception is as part of the advertised souvenir if this is featured in a photograph incidentally to a picture of the souvenir itself.

There are other restrictions and before embarking on costly design you should view the guidelines issued by the Lord Commissioner’s Office. If after studying the restrictions you consider them unduly rigorous you should take a look at those for the Olympics.



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