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You see it far too often. The copy that is in the marketing email is the same as that on the landing page. Whilst I know that consistency is reassuring for customers, these companies are missing a trick.

Email marketing is a precise craft. Everything, from the From line to the last, short, paragraph must be clear and especially concise. It should be reduced to the lowest level where it still does it job. We don’t want our subscribers being bored and wandering off. Push to sell is the mantra. If it doesn’t contribute, it gets deleted.

WizEmail's Bots will help you create the most amazing email marketing campaignCopy on a website has a number of different functions, few of which are served by a simple cut and paste from an email marketing campaign. Your customers should not be confused when they click through. The general design of the email should be reflected in the landing page. Similar headings, typefaces, colours and arrangements help here and also language used. 

However, a marketing email’s function is to get the person to click through. Once on the landing page we want them to complete and this requires a different push. 

I like praise, or at least I think I might. Being told you are clever, shrewd, have taste or merely able to pick a bargain makes the recipient feel good about themselves. Therefore, praise the one action that is common to all those who get to the landing page.

Stroking customers is what all staff involved in a one to one have done forever. Who hasn’t been told how well he or she is coming along by the golf pro when the ball hits the roof of the driving range? Don’t ignore traditional methods just because you are online.

Well Done! You’ve just picked the best treacle blender on the market.

Tell them what to do. Most of us are happy to follow an instruction. 

Just complete the form to the right and we will post the item to you, via first class mail. You could be making superb tasting sweets this time tomorrow. 

It doesn’t matter whether they get to the end of the paragraph or start to buy the item at once. Each word is no longer vital. Skim reading is all you want from them.

Lastly, there is the SEO aspect of the copy. The landing page is part of your website and so the Google bots will be wandering all over it when the mood takes them. Just because it is part of the selling process and not, for instance, your blog is of no concern to the damn things. 

Keywords are, amongst other entries, what Google looks for. So include a few in the copy. If your are selling tricycles then include cycling, tricycles and others in your blurb. 

Just one form away from riding the most reliable electric tricycle on the market. Fill it in and wave goodbye to pedalling.

Each bit of copy should have a specific function or functions. Therefore, the paragraphs you have used in your marketing email should differ from that on the landing page, and those describing the product to website visitors. 




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