Email Analysis

Stand Out by Being Subtle

I have just received a marketing email that stands out from the crowd, not through any massive difference but because of attention to detail and clever use of the data on an email marketing list. Such quality is well within the reach of anyone in the business but, for some reason, few take the trouble. If you follow its example you should gain an advantage.

Let us start at the top.

The Subject Line was intriguing. The product was a bit of productive software, an add-on that in my job would cut time, albeit only by a little. This was clear in the subject line. I open most of the marketing emails from this company so they must have known there was no need to hype it unreasonably. Just the reverse in fact.

The email opened by addressing me in the manner that I prefer: personal without being too chummy. So a good start.

The first words explained the software’s function and also mentioned that it ran with certain software I had bought from them already. It then made the claim for time saving again, this time backed up by a promise that it would increase productivity in a small way as well, but small is good, if the price is right.

It then went on to describe the other bits of software that it worked with, mentioning a number of items that I had already bought from them and, significantly, not mentioning those I had not. It even mentioned that one bit of software I had bought from them a few years ago would need updating if I wanted to use all the facilities available with the new add-on.

I expect a marketing email with an upgrade offer for this particular software within a fortnight.

I was impressed. I read the whole email and I broke the habit of a lifetime by paying the original offer price rather than waiting for later price reductions. I ordered it there and then, downloading it instantly and having a little play with it.

Sensible, straightforward use of your email marketing list pays dividends, probably literally if your company is big enough.



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