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Support your writers

If your company is ambitious then you will have someone who is the dedicated writer for email marketing campaigns. This might be someone remote although many are now opting for in-house. Whilst writers are not delicate, they are a big investment so to get your money’s worth, take care of them.

WizEmail's Design Bot | Copywriting and email marketingThe first step in getting the best from your writer is to understand the process. Don’t run away with the idea that as you are cutting down on wordage, the writer has it easier. It is all too easy to use two words where one would do.

The writing process doesn’t start with pressing a key – oh! If only. The bit that takes longest is working out whether you have sufficient information and what research needs to be completed. And, most difficult for many, there’s the search for the hook to hang the few words on. 

The problem is that when engaged in the last task it often looks as if the writer is dreaming. After all, they are leaning back in their chair, tapping their teeth with a pencil. What about appearances? Writers only care what it reads like.

Interruptions are the bane of a writer’s life. Most irritating is being asked if they will hit the deadline. The answer, ‘Not if I keep being interrupted’, whilst a bit rude, is the most appropriate.

When you make decisions on the campaign, such as the make-up of the segmented email marketing list, let the writer know. Any other information must be made readily available to them. 

Feedback, now whatever happened to that? If the stats give you cause for concern, let the writer know. Conversely, if it goes well, then tell the writer. They had a part in the success too.

Whilst writers will tell you they are undervalued, they are expensive, and this applies whether they are sourced in-house or outside. So you need to use them effectively. Anything else is a waste. Be nice to them. Praise them when it is due and explain when things did not go well. 

Email marketing depends on the copy to a considerable extent so you depend on your writers.



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