Email Campaign Management

The same variables

The statistics supplied by email marketing software should not been seen as static. If you use them only to define what has happened then you waste their most powerful facility. They can do so much more than just prove a reasonable return on investment.

Look beyond where you came relative to the various targets and instead study the figures that give the detail. It is here that you will find the evidence to improve your next email marketing campaign.

There are a number of basic statistics that can be returned but let us concentrate on just one: the number of unsubscribes.

There are just three possible results:

  • It is higher than the norm,
  • It is lower than the norm,
  • It complies with your norm.

Most people will think that for the first two results, reasons must be discovered. If it is higher than the norm then, given how valuable addresses are, you need to stem the rot as soon as possible. You must discover what was different about this particular email marketing campaign and ensure that it is changed in subsequent ones.

Do not just smile in relief if the unsubscribe rate is lower than the norm and then drift off to the pub. Figure out what was special about this campaign and ensure that the same feature, but improved, is in future ones. You have stumbled on something valuable. Use it.

It still means work if your unsubscribe rate is the same as it always is. It should be a target of every email marketing campaign to retain more. As good as ever is bad.

The most precise tool you have in discovering reasons for the high, low and normal unsubscribe rates is your email marketing software. Your database will show if there was any common feature, such as how long they had been on your list or perhaps the value of their purchases. You will be able to identify those who would have had a higher risk of unsubscribing. If they did or did not, you should discover the reasons. Once you have done so you have discovered the format of your next campaign.



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