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Top Tips for the Best Squeeze Pages

Let’s explain the jargon first of all: a squeeze page is a landing page, the specific intent of which is to get people to sign-up to your email marketing list. What makes a good squeeze page will vary depending on product and company to a significant extent although there are some universal truths.

1. Keep it simple
Ignore clever effects, extravagant use of language and startling pictures. Have everything focus on getting the reader to complete the box. This is not the time to indulge in creativity. Ensure the page is task-oriented in a big way.

2. Keep them on the page
Whilst ease of navigation of your website is something to aim for, when it comes to the squeeze page, you will want to make it difficult to move on. As long as you have not tricked people onto the page, something that is not advisable, they will have some intent of, if not actually signing-up to your email marketing list, then finding out what it is all about. For many squeeze pages, the only way off them is via the ‘back’ or ‘previous page’ function of the browser.

3. Offer a relevant gift
Any reward being offered for subscribing does not have to be intrinsically valuable. However, it must be relevant to the kind of person you want on your email marketing list. A gift that is more generally desirable might well give you more subscribers but unproductive ones. A future article will cover what types of gifts you might consider.

4. Have a bold, clear message as your headline
Highlight the benefits of the gift and excite their anticipation. Mention the offers they will receive if they subscribe, but keep that brief and simple. This is the place to highlight the gift.

5. Keep the options basic
The reader should have just two options: leave the page or subscribe to your email marketing list. Do not confuse them with any other choices. If they use the ‘back’ button then have other choices on the page they return to.

6. Choose copy and illustrations with care
Any picture, or video, should just deal with the gift. There is no point in including anything else. You may be justifiably proud of your company and what you have accomplished, but this is not the time to mention it.

7. Reassure but gently
You can tell the reader that, if they do subscribe to your email marketing list, you will not share their address with any other company. However, we do not want to frighten them away with tales of what other companies might do.

8. Limit what you ask
Just the two question boxes, one for the name and the other for the email address, is preferable to a whole questionnaire. If you must have their position in the company or if your product requires the gender of subscribers, then you will have to include it. Remember you can always indulge in follow-up questions later.

9. Keep to the law
Leave the box unticked.

And 10.
Don’t add something just to make up the numbers or to fill a blank space



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