Email Campaign Management

Using email marketing to acquire email addresses

In any campaign to acquire email addresses for direct email marketing, all resources should be integrated. There are a number of ways in which emails themselves can be part of the campaign.

Working with another company

A recipient who has opted in to receive emails from one company may well have been asked if they would be willing to receive emails from third parties. The originating company might limit those they allow access to their email list. Indeed, anything less might seem a risk too far with such a valuable asset.

For instance, a company selling high-powered computers could feel that to be joined by providers of gaming software on their direct email marketing campaign would benefit their brand and so receive an approach warmly. Whilst such emails can be considered a form of cold-calling all research suggest it has a much higher response rate than using bought-in email lists. A typical ploy is a competition to encourage the recipient to click through to the company website where the intent will be to get them to opt in to the email list.

In a similar way one can piggy-back onto another company’s newsletter. The vehicle needs choosing with care, but the biggest asset is the fact that it is targeted. The recipients will be in the mindset to read the content and your advert, or if you go down the sponsorship route, your message will have a more receptive audience.

Remember you are not restricted to traditional banner ads or those in a column at the side of the email. A text advert in the style of the newsletter is more likely to be read. Further, there is the ‘advertorial’: an article written by the editorial staff of the newsletter about your company and its products.

There will probably be certain editorial restrictions which will limit your freedom of action and design but, if it is created with care, such an insert benefits all parties.



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