Email Campaign Management

Is the design of your marketing email poor?

Then ask yourself these five questions.

1/ Is the design the same as you were using a year ago?

Subscribers like familiarity and feel reassured when they recognise that the email comes from someone they trust. It can be sufficient to keep the banner and logo more or less that same for some time, but as for the rest, would you be excited by the same thing that had been served up for a year?  

2/ Are you using the same email marketing template?

Whilst this might seem similar to 1/ above, there is a subtle difference. This verges on being wasteful or perhaps being in a bit of a rut. Have a glance through what is on offer. Pick another and try it for size. Test it, and for the following email marketing campaign, test another. 

3/ Are you following all the available advice on design?

WizEmail's Design Bot is brilliant, creative and is always looking to work with you to help you create the best email marketing campaignWell you obviously aren’t as much of it is contradictory. But if you allow someone else to make your decisions for you, maybe from articles on this and other websites, you are merely following the crowd. By all means bear the comments of professionals in mind, but you know your customers. Do what they will like. If they are stuck five years behind the trend, then make sure your emails are as well.

4/ Have you made an error in design this year?

If you haven’t had a failure, you haven’t tried. If you test your emails by segmenting your email marketing list and trying different designs to see how they are responded to, on some, or maybe more you will have dreadful returns, and sometimes for reasons which are obscure. But, and it is a big but, some will give good results.

5/ Have you a preferred text to image ratio?

By now you should have got the idea and know that you should vary it.

In the same way as any email marketing company, we would like to say we have the perfect email marketing template for you, but it is not the same one forever. It varies not only from company to company but campaign by campaign.



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