Email Campaign Management

What to consider before changing email

Email templates provide a straightforward, easy and cost effective way of producing emails that will sell. However, there is every probability that you will be tempted to customise them and the odds are you will give into this temptation.

Here are some points to take into consideration before doing so.

  • The email templates will have been designed with care (that is if you chose your email service provider with care) so change only those things where there is a reason to do so.
  • Consider your corporate designs on websites, invoices and other communications and ensure that your email conforms. Customers will be reassured if the recognise your company’s style.
  • Do not let your imagination run riot. Remember that this is the first of a whole series of emails so if it takes you considerable time to modify, you must multiply the cost by the number of emails you will send until you get fed up.
  • Remember too who your customers are. You might be looking forward to viewing the Turner Prize finalists but if your email lists are populated by those still mourning the death of Barbara Cartland your should restrain any urge for a pastiche of the winner.
  • Keep it subtle. The email template will be designed to sell rather than impress the recipients. It is a vehicle. Do not take attention away from the product or the click through to buy.
  • Have a little faith. If you think your modification is worth a try then go for it. For all the expertise that goes into creating the email template, the designers do not know your customers the way you do.
  • Consider the costs. This is the ultimate constraint. Once you have your returns remember that you have to deduct the time it took you to modify the email template. If the statistics show that your redesign resulted in fewer click throughs, or even did not give any advantage, then be prepared to bin it.
  • Believe the returns. You might like the new design, and the process of modification can be very enjoyable, but if it is not working then abandon it.


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