Email Campaign Management

Where’s it From?

There is nothing obscure about the way people deal with bulk emails. All you have to work out is what you do yourself.

The average time spent on dealing with emails is a bit less than 90 minutes. Whatever your figure, the one thing which we can be sure of, is that they are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Whilst those involved in email marketing might think otherwise, for most the preview pane is a real boon. It allows people to assess, albeit rather crudely, the correct way to deal with each email.

A recipient has four main options:

• Delete it
• Forward it
• Defer it
• Open it

Many will choose which option based solely on the From Field. Whilst this might seem harsh it does highlight what those involved in email marketing should concentrate on to make them read the Subject line.

If the address is recognised it will normally generate a standard response. Some emails will be deleted because of a change in the recipient’s responsibilities or position, their previous experience of the sender, workload or even just mood. If the nature of the source of the email is specific to a department or person then it will be forward without much thought.

If the email is personal then the Subject Line might be read to see if it is urgent either in the sender’s or recipient’s view. We need to know what will make a recipient move on from the From address to the Subject line. The answer is simple enough to work out. Ask yourself what does it for you.

Spam, the curse of those who send as well as receive emails, is a fact of life and we all have our own methods of dealing with those that slip through the filters. Therefore the first essential is to demonstrate they know the sender.

If the list is rented then it will normally show the name of the list owner so the options are limited. However, for in house lists there is considerable flexibility. And, more importantly, opportunity to engage.

The recipient must have opted in to your email marketing so they will, to an extent, be expecting you. It is generally regarded as best practice to include your company name in the From Field. This makes it clear and will, hopefully, trigger the memory of the opt in.

One exception to this would be an email to, for instance, the CEO or the head of a department. Their self image might necessitate a name of someone in a similar position to them in your company.

Some preview panes display the sender’s email address and most show it at the top of the email. This too needs to be reassuring and recognisable although the account must be monitored to catch those who just hit the reply button.

For a specific campaign it can be useful to change the From Field, whilst still remaining recognisable, just to show that this is something special.



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