Email Analysis

5 ‘Subject’ Lines

Whilst your regulars might well trust you to make them a relevant offer, for those new to your email marketing list, the ‘Subject’ line is probably the one on which the decision whether to open the email or not is based. In other words, this one bit of the email might well be the most critical. When considering the ‘Subject’ line for new subscribers to your lists, here are 5 major themes to consider. There is considerable overlap and there is nothing to stop you amalgamating two or more.

1. A Precise Description
If your offer is one they will go for then telling your recipients exactly what it is can often be the best option. It is both reassuring and interesting at the same time. It doesn’t matter if those not interested delete the email unopened as they probably would not have bought it in any case.

2. Something For The Weekend
If the offer is relevant to a specific time or event, then emphasise this in the ‘Subject’ line. If you are selling waders or other waterproof gear, then someone sitting in their home looking out on a flooded drive might well want some.

3. Get Them Thinking
Very common in bulk email marketing is a ‘Subject’ line that is a teaser, where the actual product is not mentioned. This might take the form of: ‘The accessory everyone is looking for’. The customer will have to open the email to see what the product is, as well as the price. Avoid hyperbole if you want to use this more than once.

4. Be Personal
If you use the name of the recipient you can make them feel the offer is specific to them, as indeed it should be. Being personal includes an offer of a cheaper service 12 months after they bought the car from you.

5. Putting The Ball In Their Court
A question in the ‘Subject’ line, such as ‘Is this the time you should be upgrading?’ can convince them it is indeed time.
What works best for your specific customers will be shown by your email marketing software but until the returns come it, why not experiment a bit?



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