Email Campaign Management

Enhance email campaigns for mobile devices

We all know email marketing campaigns should be designed from the ground up for mobile devices. Statistics are great in support of a disputed point, but the argument is over. What you need to know is how to get the best from your next campaign.

First the bad news; there is no single way that is good for everyone. It could be seen as the bane of email marketing but you must test and test again to see what works for you. 

A few years ago, emails were designed for desktops and reduced for mobiles. The reverse should be true now and that in many ways improves overall design. Which brings us to the first pointer:

1/ Cut and cut again

You’ve been told time and time again to cut text to the bone. Now you must do it for real. All email marketing campaigns have a point, a hook to hang the offer on. This is, by and large, the only essential. To ensure subscribers read the text you have to sparse, direct and leave no room for interpretation.

2/ View on mobiles

Design BotDespite some suggesting they all look more of less the same, know what email client your subscribers use and check each out on a variety of mobile phones. Track your subscribers’ usage and don’t go by online searches for pointers as they are general.

3/ It doesn’t end with the email

The design of the landing page is just as important as that for the email; i.e. critical. There is lots of evidence to suggest that a significant number of people will check a marketing email on a mobile and buy on laptop or desktop. Many will stay on their mobile throughout, so ensure that the landing page is similar to that of the email. 

4/ Thumbs

Remember what just about all commentators agree on; big buttons are thumb friendly. 

5/ Image or text

Many suggest that images should be favoured on mobile devices as text can be difficult to read. However, a few precise words in a larger font should be enough to nab the subscriber. Test what’s best for you.

6/ Reduce detail

You might have produced a fascinating graph that explains why your offer is just what they need. However, graphs, images including small text, and complicated designs just don’t work on mobiles. 

7/ From, Subject and Headers

Keep them short but include enough to convey the message. Not the easiest of requirements, but doable. Check what others do by subscribing to various email marketing lists and reading them via various email clients. Be critical, especially of the big companies and your rivals. The former should not be copied unless they are obviously just right. The latter should not be copied in any case; you must be better.

8/ Email marketing templates

Go for an email marketing template that is optimised for mobiles. You might well find it difficult to keep it short but then so do your competitors. Don’t give into the urge for one more word, one more image. 



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