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8 reasons to use a common design

You know it is an Amazon email or web page even if you cannot see the logo. The appearance is unique, shouting its source. I’m not suggesting that you should follow the example of the company in all things, but it is not a bad starting point when considering a new campaign.

A single theme in the appearance of emails following those of your invoices, through your online presence to the decoration of your delivery vans has some distinct benefits in email marketing. Here are eight reasons to use a common design.

1. Familiarity
Everyone likes being reassured. If they know as soon as it is presented that an email comes from a company that they trust and have dealt with before then they are more likely to concentrate on the message.

2. Click-throughs
If click-throughs are always of the same general design, if a subscriber has bought something via a marketing email before, or even has read a previous email, when they want to buy they know what buttons to look for.

3. Just one design cost
If one design is going to last you for 12 months or longer for all campaigns then on-costs are lowered. 

4. No distractions
A subscriber will be used to your email design and will not be diverted, repelled or fascinated, all equally dangerous, by your new creation.

5. Planning simplified
When planning for the new campaign starts, one aspect is already decided. The fewer variables, the fewer the revisions and the quicker the process.

6. Transferable
If you have a corporate image for your marketing emails then you should have similar web pages, landing pages, and all other online presence. All aspects of visibility can benefit.
7. Changes can be implemented safely
If you want to alter certain aspects of the design after, perhaps, six months, then a change to one part will not give the worrying sensation of déja vu to your subscribers.

8. Risk elimination
You will know your design works as your email marketing software will show it does. If you have a sudden change in one of the metrics then there is one aspect which you can ignore when trying to discover why.


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