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A well designed landing page

I used to build flying model aircraft. One rather hurtful criticism of my abilities in controlling them was made at the club annual dinner when I received a special award for the way I landed my planes. The comment was that: 'they didn't so much land as arrive.' This is an apt description of many a landing page I've clicked through to from a marketing email.

A subscriber will want to move seamlessly from email to landing page. No shocks, no surprises and promises fulfilled: these are the essentials. Much depends on the way the page is designed.

WizEmail WizBOT Paint - The Design BotIn order for everything to go smoothly it is useful to keep certain things the same as the email, such as the overall colouring, font, the heading bar and the company logo. There are arguments as to whether there should be navigation buttons, some suggesting that you should not allow a potential customer to leave the landing page easily. I'm not so sure. A button to your Home page might stop them closing the tab.

A simple layout often works best: don't try and be too clever. Have a clear heading, in the same colour and font of the marketing email, which reinforces the message of your email. Underneath place a relevant image on the left, a bit of copy next to it and then the call to action. This must be above the 'fold' so that it is present when the page opens.

Your email marketing software will tell you whether your subscribers prefer more information of a product. If they do, then include it. This is essential if you promised 'for more information' on the click-through from the email. Many in email marketing suggest testimonials increase conversion rates, so test them.

Repeat the call to action lower down the page.

If you offer a free trial of your product as well as an outright purchase, or perhaps a cheaper, stripped down version, ensure all are clearly marked and that a customer knows which is which. Trickery is self defeating.

Allow a reader to concentrate on the product and be overwhelmed by the offer. Ease into the landing page, don’t crash.


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